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Our Team

"None of us is as smart as all of us."

Dr N.D.Shetty




Educationist, Art Director, Writer who has laid 36 years of teaching portfolio at a prestigious institution, looks after the Human Resource and Administration of the firm. His guidelines and motivation has always backed the firm in its extended ventures

Chengappa AD

Marketing Stratergist



A Dynamic & Highly Productive Professional Offering 8 Years of Rich Experience in the field of intellectual Business Development and Marketing was Working at Nagathihalli Cine Creations as Marketing Head for Promotions and In-House Branding. Worked as BD Officer at a Public Relations Agency and Handling PR for companies on definite contracts. The past experience includes working as a Brand Consultant and Marketing Strategist for various clients was also a Visiting faculty at St Aloysius College (Autonomous) in the department of Communications, faculty member for Mass Communication & Media Studies (MCMS) Post Graduate program.

Talen Claude

Production Head



Talen is a Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker currently residing in Bangalore. He has worked on many projects across India and chooses them depending on his schedule and suitability. Donning several feathers on his cap, Talen’s experience is vast. He has worked at DNA India for Page 3, Night Life and Lifestyle Photography, Event Photography for different media houses, DOP and Associate Director for regional filmmakers. After getting the necessary foundation from photojournalists, he worked with some of the top-notch photographers in India.

Aman S

Editor - Production



Aman S is Bachelors of Visual Communication student, from St. Joseph College, Bangalore. He is in the line of Production and has key role to play at the post production table.

Punith M

Illustrator - Creative



Punith M is a B.F.A. Graduate of Bodhi College of Fine Arts. He is an expert in the field of Illustration artworks. His Painting are well recognised and have been showcased at different occassion in and outside country. VArious Galleries have been organised for his painting at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath. He is currently working with Aadyaa Marketing team to create graphic content for various ads.


Graphic Designer



Gowthami is Bachelors of Visual Communication student, from St. Joseph College, Bangalore. She is behind wonderful creatives that come out of AADYAA

Nagaraj Bhat

Graphic Designer



Nagaraj is a Bachelor of Visual Arts Student. His field of Expertise is Illustration, Painting, graphic content creation. He is the craftsman behind the design and development of brand communication.

Our Partners

"None of us is as smart as all of us."